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Salvy Sousa OMG BBQ Sauce Boom Boom Hot Sauce 2nd Gear
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OMG BBQ is just that - One Mighty Gnarly BBQ sauce. When concocting this recipe, Salvy, the mix master, was very methodical in adding a variety of sweet AND smoky flavors, to create this astoundingly full-bodied flavor. You'll be begging for more! Boom Boom Hot Sauce knocks your socks off and leaves you saying "BOOM!"  It has robust flavor but yet is small enough to fit in your pocket for all your hot sauce needs! Our Bloody Marys aren't just for drinking! The Bloody Bull will give a kick of awesomeness to your chili, soups, red sauces, etc.!!!
Rev It Up Ketchup Salvy Sousa Riff Raff Mushroom Marinade
Rev It Up Ketchup
Our Price: $7.43
Boom Boom 4th Gear
Our Price: $3.41
Only a sissy would use plain ketchup.  Be bold and intense with Rev It Up, ketchup with a boost. Come on, you know you want it. Boom Boom 4th Gear HOTTER Sauce. The name says it all, but maybe you need to know a bit more before you go on over to our HOTTER Sauce Side. If you want more than just a little Heat?! BOOM BOOM 4th Gear HOTTER SAUCE will do that for you, its like shifting gears and hearing tires burn. My kickass blend shifts it up another gear and has the righteous burn to make you crave MORE! Salvy concocted a savory blend of sauces and red wine with other secretive family ingredients and meticulously crafted this one-of-a kind marinade that is truly maintenance for the soul.
Salvy Sousa Shake Em Up Steak Sauce Salvy Sousa Sweet 'N Sassy Jalapeno Relish
The best dip ever, you can now have too! Cranberries give you that sweet and tangy, and then add a little heat from a jalapeno and you have the combination to the Best Dip Ever!! Pour me over cream cheese to enjoy me as a dip, or think outside the bottle for cooking and grilling.

Recommended for: Dips, use as a glaze for Pork, Turkey or Chicken. Add to pasta and veggies for a pasta salad or use on sandwiches for a tangy flavor enchancer.

Just a whiff of this sauce ignites your senses to the finest cut of steak. Salvy blended together his secret sauces with a hint of onions, garlic and a variety of other spices to create the most smackin' good marinade for any cut of steak. "Sweet N Sassy" jalapeno relish, it burns so good! Only pansies use pickle relish!
My Gram made amazing cranberry sauce to eat at the holidays, now you can enjoy it anytime!

Recommended for: Serve as a side dish with turkey, chicken or pork. Use as a dip with cream cheese or as a topping for cheesecake or ice cream.

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